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Binaural Recording- An interview with Nicholas Prout of Chesky Records

Nicholas Prout is the recording engineer for Chesky Records. Over the years Nicholas has developed the skills of capturing musical performances using binaural recording techniques.

Interview – Wilfried Van Baelen and Auro Technologies (Part 1)

Recently I had the privilege of talking to the enthusiastic founder and CEO of Galaxy Studios, and Auro Technologies Wilfried Van Baelen. Auro Technologies are at the forefront of new sound technologies that are changing the way we experience, and ultimately ‘hear’ sound.

Must Know Pro Tools Shortcuts

If you want to be a Pro Tools wizard or simply save time on your mixing, learning keyboard shortcuts is a MUST! Not only will they make you look more professional in front of your clients, they will speed up your mixing efficiency and reduce the amount of time following the mouse cursor around the screen.

Audio Pixels – The Future of Speaker Design?

Audio Pixels Limited is on the verge of producing what they are claiming to be the “First major innovation in audio speakers in nearly 80 years.”

Interview – Wilfried Van Baelen and Auro Technologies (Part 2)

In Part 2 we continue the theme, discussing the challenges of bringing true 3D-sound to the Home Theatre and Automobile industries, and we learn about the incredible studio complex, Galaxy Studios.

Nigel Stanford Interview

Nigel Stanford is a film composer, musician, and entrepreneur hailing from Wellington, New Zealand. While achieving some rather impressive business feats over the last decade, it’s Nigel’s true love of music that showcases his talents as both a musician and composer.